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“We are investors who buy, rehab, and sell properties across North Carolina and we highly recommend realtor John Foley and VRC, Ltd.”

Nick Headen and Sam Robertson

“I am pleased to recommend Jan Nichols and Randy Voller of VRC, Ltd. as Realtors. They worked with me and my family to handle a sale of property that had multiple heirs and no access. With their guidance and knowledge we were able to eliminate the barriers of sale and close on the property at a price we were happy with. If you need service from a Realtor, I highly recommend Jan and Randy.”

Charlie Jerome Taylor and Phillis Taylor

L to R: Richard Bullock, PLS, Charles Jerome Taylor, Thomas Fairley, Jr.

Randy Voller and Jan Nichols worked with me to resolve an issue with my neighbor, the Taylor heirs who they represented. And even though they did not represent me I was pleased with the outcome and their professionalism.  I would recommend them. ”

Thomas A. Fairley, Jr. 

John and Randy make a terrific team with a combination of hardworking marketing efforts and the experience to help navigate complicated land deals. They were there with guidance and hand holding through the multi-month and challenging process of my large land deal. I live out of state, so this was especially appreciated. Highly recommend!”

Alicia Beamer

“I am very happy with the services I received from Kelly Clark Boldt. I really felt that she cared about my best interests during the entire time we worked together.  She was also happy to show me new listings and went out of her way to make sure that I was served well; provided detailed analysis and comparisons of all the properties I was interested in, offering to show me more properties, and never making me feel in the least pressured to make a decision. On the contrary, she wanted me to feel very comfortable and satisfied that I had all the information I needed in order to make a decision. After signing the Agreement of Sale, Kelly advocated on my behalf during the Due Diligence period and held my best interest foremost in her mind.  I highly recommend Kelly’s services as a Real Estate Broker and hope to use her services again in the future.”

Maye A. Lopez

“In August 2020 we decided to relocate from New York to the Pittsboro area in order to be close to our daughter and son who live in Pittsboro.

In July of 2021 we arrived in North Carolina and John Foley immediately started showing us properties. It became very clear to us that we were in a hot sellers’ market, and finding something in the Pittsboro area that appealed to us and fit our budget was not going to be easy. Eventually John found a house that met our criteria and was just coming on the market. The first day on the market this house received multiple bids above asking, including ours, and it was at that point that Randy and John met with us and advised us on what to do if we really wanted that house. We followed their advice, and the next day our bid was accepted.

Randy and John then got the ball rolling with everything that needed to happen prior to closing, and walked us through everything with the law firm, the inspection, and the survey. We would have been lost without their help. After moving in, Randy & John continued to be available to answer any questions we had.

Without any reservation whatsoever, we would recommend VRC, Ltd. to anyone looking to buy or sell real estate in the Pittsboro area.”

Jeff & Diane Flanagan

“The personalized service that John Foley and his firm provided to me throughout a very difficult and lengthy property transaction was so helpful. His efforts went way beyond what I expected from a real estate broker. If it weren’t for John, I would not have been able to get my property released from legal and financial institution restrictions and succeed in selling my property. A heart-felt thanks to you, John Foley.

Page Smith

“I have had the pleasure of working with Randolph Voller of VRC, Ltd. on a transaction with our non-profit organization XDS, Inc. Mr. Voller represented Plus Ultra, LLC and Congruus LLC. on a purchase of land from XDS, Inc. and I found him to be helpful, knowledgeable, straight-forward and good to work with. His clients followed through on the terms of our contract and we closed escrow without problem. My non-profit organization was pleased because the funds from this transaction were needed for infrastructure and programming.”

Thava Mahadevan, Executive Director

“Dear Randy – We are so thankful to have you and your team as our agents. We knew at our first meeting that choosing you would be our last agent going forward for any future real estate needs. You were direct and honest about the land and its issues. But you already had a plan and you went way above and beyond addressing the issues — to the point of our disbelief. No other agent (and we have had many throughout our many years) has ever provided your GOLDEN FIVE STAR SERVICE!  ★★★★★ We cannot thank you and your team at VRC, Ltd. enough for selling our property and for much more than we thought!  We will certainly recommend you to our family and friends. Special thanks to John Foley for his diligence as well.”

Gary G. and Donna E. Shostak

“Dear Randy – I will start off by saying that you came highly recommended to me by a friend of mine, and you lived up to every expectation I heard about you! I live in Florida and did not have a clue how to go about selling a piece of land in North Carolina. Right from the beginning you were very patient with me in answering all my silly questions and therefore, made me feel secure in knowing I was talking to someone who had my best interest in mind. Immediately, you went to work gathering all the information necessary to sell the property.

After finding a potential buyer, I was still not sure if this was the right move for me, but you were able to work out a price that was agreeable to all of us. And it was a good thing you put in this effort because right after the closing the pandemic hit us. And who knows where we would be now if you weren’t so efficient! Thank you so very much for all you have done to make this a good experience.”

Lynn Sawyer

“I appreciate your work for and support of Chatham Habitat for Humanity. While we sell many new and renovated affordable houses every year through the Habitat process, we sell very few older houses on the open market. This was a whole new ball game for me.

Having two people who cared about Habitat, understood what we are trying to do for the people in our great County, and were willing to go the extra mile to make these sales a success was extremely helpful. Even when things got a bit dicey the two of you were able circumvent the challenges that lead to successful sales of both houses

During this difficult time you were always willing to come to the office to sit down and discuss things face to face. The suggestions and recommendations you made helped move the process forward without compromising the goal and timeframe that we faced as an organization.

Thank you both again for your great work. Thank you again for your continued support for Chatham Habitat for Humanity.”

Jerry Whortan, Exec. Dir., Chatham Habitat for Humanity

“A good realtor understands people. John Foley is so calm, and such a good listener. He was able to negotiate with the sellers with such ease and grace — a seemingly effortless and positive experience for everyone!”

Jane Allen Wilson