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Jenny Geska


Hi, I am Jenny, and I am not your typical Real Estate Professional, as my path to this journey was a unique one.

I moved to North Carolina in 2009, with a B.S. in Environmental Science from American Military University. Between being a new mom, and being in management within the fitness industry, I never had time to fully transition careers. After a year of hard work and sacrifice, my husband and I opened our own 37,000 square foot gym in Cary, NC. This was one of the most amazing experiences of my life, and gave me so much insight into the commercial real estate and development process, as well as a way to connect with my community. This however, proved to be a difficult journey and just a few years later, our gym was sold to a leading competitor as we pursued other family friendly career paths. The rest is history.

I currently work as a self-proclaimed “multiprenuer”, as not only an experienced Real Estate Professional, but a professional dance instructor within the community, travel and lifestyle blogger, as well as social media marketing specialist and digital creator. I have helped multiple businesses within the area grow an understanding of social media marketing and how it can influence our community’s marketplace through vital connections and exposure. I also assist with running a 501(c)3 called BailaCura — a nonprofit that uses the healing power of dance to raise money for children’s cancer research and pediatric care.

The lessons learned over time? Growth is inevitable, and so is change. It’s how you manage it, influence, and steer it that really matters. The feeling of wanting to make a difference in my community has always been my driving factor. When our community wins and thrives, so do we.

I love my community and the people in it, and take enhancing it very seriously. If you have goals, questions, or ideas, do not hesitate to reach out.

I’d love to partner with you in making your dreams a reality!

Mobile (585) 330-8321